It's hot and dry out there so let's focus on those plants that can take the heat! Read ahead to see what we have available. 

Yucca Rostratas

The Yucca Rostrata, also called a Beaked Yucca or Big Bend Yucca, grows up to 15' tall. It has silver/blue foliage. The tip of the plant  is sharp but the leaves are flexible and not dangerous if you walk past this plant or happen to run in to it. It's extermely cold-hardy and does great in our area with very well drained soil.  

IMG 0304
 IMG 0315

Mealy Blue Sage

Loving the heat and in full bloom right now is our Mealy Blue Sage. It's an oustanding bloomer, native, and grows to approx 2.5' x 2.5'. It attracts a lot of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. It will bloom from late spring to early winter.  

IMG 0310

Soft Leaf Yuccas

Soft Leaf Yuccas have a wide bending leaf with a sharp tip. They can grow up to 6' tall. They are extremely drought tolerant and put on a tall, beautiful white bloom once a year.  

IMG 0312
 softleafyuccabloom 1