I hope everyone has enjoyed the recent rain and you are enjoying our cooler weather - especially the cool temps in the mornings. Read ahead to see what’s happening at the nursery!

Dwarf Wax Myrtle

dwarfwaxMyrica cerifera var. pumila -- NATIVE TO TEXAS

Finding an evergreen shrub in the Hill Country that the deer don’t eat can be a huge challenge. And yet another challenge can be finding the right size shrub for certain areas of your landscaping – one that doesn’t grow too big or require a lot of maintenance. The Dwarf Wax Myrtle is a solution to all of these challenges.

This shrub is suitable to place in front of windows since it won’t block your view and also stays nice and full year-round.  It grows to approximately 4’ tall but can be easily maintained at 3’, making it an ideal pruned hedge. In addition, it can grow in the sun or shade and is drought-tolerant once established. 

Fruit Trees

apricot.jpgWe have several fruit tree varieties available now at the nursery. These trees are recommended by the AgriLife Extension office for Kerr County because they are well-adapted to our soil and climate.

And another fruit tree that is a native to our area is our 15G and 30G Mexican Plums.

To view a full list of fruit and nut trees recommended for Kerr County, click here.



Field Grown Trees

eveneclaceWe will begin digging our field grown trees later this month after our first freeze. New additions available this year include: 

We will also be digging our standard Bald Cypress, Chinquapin Oak, Bur Oak, Chinese Pistache, Crape Myrtle, Pride of Houston Yaupon, and Texas Red Oaks. Let us know what we can help with this year.