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Hello and happy September to everyone! Well, it's still hot but not to worry...we have lots of plants thriving in the heat. Read ahead to find out what looks good and loves our hot temps. Also, be sure to read about the unveiling of our Texas State historical marker, plus some beautiful art additions at the nursery painted by a very talented local artist and friend.

Texas Sages

texas sageCompact, Silverado, and Green Cloud
Texas Sages are one of the most heat-tolerant Texas shrubs available and they are in full bloom right now. Sages bloom all summer and fall. They also bloom during other seasons as the weather changes and humidity in air or soil inceases. They are an ideal shrub to use as a medium-size hedge or screen. They need full sun and don't require much water. In fact, too much water or poor drainage can kill a Sage.

Currently available at the nursery:

  • Silver Compact (grows 4-5' tall)
  • Silverado (grows to 8' tall)
  • Green Cloud (grows 8' tall) 


dwarf hamlynA lot of ornamental grasses require direct sun and tend to flourish in the summer. Most grasses will begin to bloom in the late summer and hold their blooms through the fall. A few show-stoppers in our 100 degree temperatures include the following grasses:

Dwarf Fountain Grass 

Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln'

Already in full bloom, Hamelyn Grass adds a softness to your landscape design and is ideal to use in small garden spaces (it only reaches appoximately 2' tall x 1' wide). This grass will be topped with cream-colored fuzzy blooms summer through fall. It requires little maintenace and it likes the heat. The foliage will turn to a golden color this fall. Hamelyn Grass is spectacular when planted in mass. Be sure to cut back in winter and it will flush out again in early spring.

IMG 1312Bamboo Muhly

Muhlenbergia dumosa

Bamboo Muhly is another grass that loves the sun. It will also do well if planted in partial shade. Bamboo Muhly grass can give your flowerbeds a soft/fluffy look, especially when it moves in the wind.

It's ideally planted in the background as it needs a little space (it can grow 4' tall x 4' wide). Don't worry, bamboo muhly is not invasive but simply has the look of bamboo. 

Bamboo Muhly is also very pretty planted in pots for your backyard patio or porch.


Local Artist at the Nursery

This summer we asked a good friend, and local artist, Marty Garcia to get creative and paint some art around the nursery. He started with our large metal barn where he painted a unique and vibrant tree that really enriches the drive-in to the nursery and our backyard! Next, he took his talent to great heights and painted the top of our water tower with the Mosty Brothers Nursery logo. It was amazing to see how quickly he worked on these projects with such inspiration. Thank you Marty for adding your unique artwork to our business!


 water tower

Marty Garcia Bio:

Growing up the youngest of six children in a single parent household, I know first hand the importance of perseverance and teamwork. Living with four older brothers and one sister I learned quickly how to take anything that came my way and make the most out of it. I began to realize my artistic talents at a young age and throughout my primary education, I grew artistically while also becoming very active in athletics. Having four older brothers, being talented in sports simply came naturally. After high school, I received a scholarship to play college football, but found myself devoting the majority of my time to the study of art. I made the decision to put athletics aside, and in 1998 I received a BFA in painting from the University of Texas at San Antonio and relocated to Austin to make a living as an artist. 

In 1999 I was fortunate enough to help establish the commercial art company Blue Genie Art Industries. There, I collaborated in the designing and making of murals, sculptures, displays, booths, backdrops, props, casting, mold making, art cars and more. Blue Genie Art was a springboard for knowledge spanning creation to construction, while at the same time serving as an influential and supportive element in my personal art. In Austin, I was fortunate to have been a self-employed artist and thus had the opportunity to work with Austin A.I.P.P. (Art in Public Places) on several large-scale murals and one public sculpture project. In addition to numerous personal art exhibits, the process of creating public art has been a great vehicle for understanding the magnitude of my artwork and who benefits from it. The advantages of working in large scale and the exploration of using different mediums to produce art have aided me to constantly develop as an artist. 

In December 2010, I completed the Texas Teacher Certification Program and became an art teacher. Although I am about to begin my second year of full time teaching, I have been working with children for many years through coaching, being the art director for two after school enrichment programs, and community outreach at several elementary schools. I freely give respect to those around me, and irrespective of where I live, I get to know the people in my community and offer my services in any way I can. Being creative with an engaging personality, I make every effort to establish an environment of mutual respect. I genuinely care what students have to say, and I understand the importance of building relationships with them and their families. As an art teacher, I not only want my students to leave my classroom versed in technique and art history, I want them to feel confident enough in their artistic abilities to trust their instincts and become life-long lovers of art. 

In July of 2011 my wife, who is also a teacher, and our twin daughters and I relocated to Taiwan to teach at an international school in Tainan City. Living abroad has been an amazing experience thus far and my family and I look forward to continuing our journey teaching in global communities. This year I have had the pleasure of combining my artistic and athletic talents by teaching art, as well as being a P.E. teacher and head soccer coach. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to assist students in discovering their artistic and athletic talents, and opening their minds to the innumerable possibilities within.

Historical Marker Unveiled

Mosty Brothers Nursery was granted a historical marker, and it was unveiled in July during the annual Center Point Volunteer Fire Department parade and fundraiser. We had a ceremony before the parade, and the marker was unveiled by the 4th generation of Mosty cousins. We are very proud of the marker and it can be seen at the front of the nursery under the large Crape Myrtle tree and Mosty Brothers Nursery sign.

We invite you to drive by and read the history of our nursery. 


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If you are searching for a groundcover to block out weeds and provide spring and summer color, consider planting one the following plants in your beds:

Starfire Skullcap:

  • Bright red bloomer
  • Grows to 12" tall by 12" wide
  • Full sun
  • Evergreen

Prostrate Rosemary:

  • Lavender bloomer (bees love it)
  • Use as groundcover or to trail over rock wall
  • Grows to 1-2' tall by 3-4' wide
  • Full sun to partial sun
  • Evergreen

Mountain Pea:

  • Purple flowers
  • Grows to 2' tall by 3' wide
  • Sun or shade

Coral Drift Rose:

  • Coral/orange blooms
  • Grows to 1 1/2' tall by 2' wide
  • Full Sun
  • Patented series from Star Roses & Plants - to read more, clicke here

driftcoralroseIMG 1128mountainpeastarfire


Mexican Plum Tree

Prunus mexicanaplum mexican150

The Mexican Plum is an understory, single trunk tree that grows up to 30' tall. Consider planting this native in place of other fruiting trees. Mexican Plums begin fruiting in July and will ripen in the early Fall. The fruit can be eaten directly from the tree or made in to jellies. In addition, the fruit is eaten by wildlife. 

The Mexican Plum is a standout because it puts on a beautiful white bloom in the Spring just before it leaves out and then the leaves will turn dark orange in the Fall. 

We have new crop of beautiful 15G and 30G available now. 


IMG 1127Vitex agnus-castus

In full bloom now, it's hard to miss the showy purple blooms of the Vitex tree. The Vitex is among the elite group of Texas Superstar plants (click here for more info). It falls in this category because it handles hot sun, little water, and is adaptable to most soils. 

Plant the Vitex as a large shrub or small tree. It's fast-growing and can reach heights of 25' tall. The Vitex will bloom May through September - be sure to cut deadhead blooms to promote more blooming. In some years it will even bloom later in to the Fall. 

We have purple Vitex in 5G, 7G and 15G. We have pink Vitex in 5G and 15G. 


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Happy May to everyone. What a wonderful spring thanks to all of the rain and mild temperatures. Read ahead to see what looks beautiful now here at the nursery. 

Pineapple Guava

Feijoa sellowiana

image3The Pinapple Guava is an evergreen shrub that can be used as a hedge or grown in to a small tree. It puts on a striking bloom and it's starting to bloom now at the nursery. In addition, the bloom is edible (very sweet flavor).

A few more things that make the Pineapple Guava a good landscaping selection is that the deer don't seem to bother it, and it puts out an edible guava-like fruit in the fall.

The leaves of the guava are dark green with a silver under-side. Once established, it requires little water to flourish.




Roughleaf Dogwood

Cornus drummondiiroughleafdogwood

If you happen to be driving up Highway 27 between Center Point and Kerrville, take a look at the sides of the road and you will see hundreds of Roughleaf Dogwoods full of blooms. The Roughleaf Dogwood is a native shrub that provides food and shelter to many species of birds. 

The Roughleaf Dogwoods started blooming this month and will continue to bloom through mid-summer. They will turn a reddish color in the fall. It grows as an understory in shade or sun and can grow up to 15' tall and 15' wide. 





Spanish Dagger

Yucca treculiana
IMG 1051

We now have a variety of sizes of Spanish Daggers available at the nursery.

Consider these for your desert beds or hardscape designs. Spanish Daggers can grow up to 10' tall and make an excellent show piece. It's a thick-leaved member of yucca family with very sharp tips.  

The Spanish Dagger, also called a Spanish Bayonet, is native to central and south Texas. It puts on a showy cream-colored bloom spring through winter. 







Spike Speedwell

Veronica spicata 'Red Fox'

Red Fox Spike Speedwell is a low-growing, clumping perenial with a showy 

bloom that lasts throughout the summer. Butterflies and hummingbirds are highly attracted to the Speedwells. Be sure to clip spent blooms to encourage more frequent blooming.

The Spike Speedwell is often used as a groundcover (growing up to 12" tall). Plant in full sun and well-drained soil.  


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Hello and happy spring to everyone! I'm going to dedicate this month's newsletter to our spring blooming plants. This is going to be short and sweet as I think the pictures say everything. Take a look below to see what is in bloom and beautiful now at the nursery. Please call on us if we can help supply plants for your spring planting. 



Orange Bulbine


Brazilian Sky Flower


 Mexican Honeysuckle


Dwarf Salmon Oleander


 Lady Banks Rose


Barbara Karst Bouganvilla


 Homestead Verbena


 Mealy Blue Sage


Ham & Eggs Lantana


 Texas Lantana



 IMG 1196

 Mexican Buckeye

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