Flowering & Evergreen Shrubs

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  Newsletter 23 October 2021  
  Read ahead to discover some great evergreen shrubs to plant now. 

Bush Germander

Teucrium fruticansteucrium-fruticans

Looking for a hardy evergreen that can handle the heat and the cold? The Bush Germander adds color year-round to any landscape design with a silvery appearance sprinkled with lavender flowers throughout the shrub from early spring through summer. It tolerates rocky soils and requires good drainage (do not overwater this one). Germanders grow fast but are easy to maintain by trimming a few times a year.  Plant in full sun, and the Bush Germander will grow to 4’x4’ in the first year. At full maturity it will be approximately 5’x5’.  Another added plus is the Bush Germander is deer resistant. 


Artemesia 'Powis Castle' (Wormwood).Artemesia x Powis-Castle4

Artemesia is a deer resistant shrub that provides a nice contrast or backdrop to your standard green shrubs and vibrant blooming perennials. Be sure to prune your Artemesia heavily several times a year to keep it full and beautiful. This is a fast-growing mid-size shrub that reaches approximately 3’ tall x 4’ wide at maturity. Artemesia can be planted in full sun or partial sun and requires little water once established. It will add a soft look to your landscape. Additionally, the Artemesia ‘Powis Castle’ is listed among the “Plants for Texas” – to read more click here.


Manzanillo Olive Tree

manzanillooliveOlea europaea 'Manzanillo'

One more silver leaf evergreen to mention that works well in the Hill Country is the Manzanillo Olive Tree. This olive tree can withstand our cold winters and thrives in our summer heat. In addition, once it is established, it is surprisingly drought-tolerant. The Manzanillo grows to approximately 20’ tall. It is beautiful year-round with slender silver-like leaves and a smooth gray trunk.  The Manzanillo produces a small black olive. Be sure to plant this tree in a protected area or fence your tree as the deer tend to browse.



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