Featured Plants for September

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  Newsletter 23 October 2021  

Hello Everyone - Please read ahead to see what we recommend this month. Give us a shout for a full availability or if you have any other questions:

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American Beautyberry

Callicarpa americanaAmerican Beautyberry

The American beautyberry is a native deciduous shrub, or understory tree, that works well in the shade. Right now, the beautyberry is covered with clusters of striking deep purple berries. It is an exceptional and unique plant for any landscape. As winter approaches, the shrub will loose its green leaves and hold on to the berries until late winter. The American beautyberry can grow up to 8’ tall or you can cut it back 12” above the ground in late winter and keep the shrub more compact and dense (more like 4’ tall). This is a care-free native shrub that blooms in late spring with small white flowers. The beautyberry can also tolerate direct sun but will require more water to keep it from wilting.  

Gregg's Mist Flower


Conoclinium greggii

Gregg’s mist flower is a native Texas perennial and a butterfly magnet – especially to the Monarch butterflies during their migration. The 1G containers at the nursery will be covered with hundreds of butterflies in the summer and again in the fall when it flowers. Gregg’s mist goes dormant in the winter and comes back from the ground in early spring. It’s a fast-grower and can spread, serving well as a groundcover. Once established, Gregg’s mist is drought tolerant. This flower works well in partial shade or full sun. 

Mexican Mint Marigold

Tagetes lucidaTagetes lucida1GEHU

It’s hard to believe, but fall is rapidly approaching and it’s time to think about your fall bloomers. The Mexican mint marigold is an outstanding fall bloomer and also serves as a tarragon-substitute for your herb garden. This Marigold is often referred to as Spanish or Texas tarragon. This plant is another perennial that freezes to the ground at our first freeze, and comes back from the ground in the spring. It grows to approximately 2.5’ tall and can be planted in full sun or part shade.  

Other great fall bloomers to consider: Fall aster, copper canyon daisy, cenizo, Mexican bush sage, autumn sage, mealy blue sage, lantana, verbena, gaura, knockout roses

Fall blooming grasses to consider: Gulf muhly, Lindheimer’s muhly, miscanthus, dwarf hamlin, deer muhly


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