Recommended Plants for July

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  Newsletter 19 September 2021  
The Hill Country looks beautiful thanks to all the rain. Now the heat is bringing on the bloomers! Read ahead to see what plants we recommend this month. Thanks for subscribing.

St. Johns Wort


Looking for an evergreen, blooming shrub that the deer won’t bother? Hypericum is the answer.  With bright yellow blooms, this shrub only reaches about 3’ tall which makes it ideal to plant under a window. It requires little to no trimming and grows well in rocky soils.  The bloom cycle runs from May to October and the foliage turns a red-purple in the winter months. Hypericum will thrive in either sun or shade. These shrubs look oustanding when planted in a row or grouping.  The hypericum is a landscaper favorite! 



wedeliaWedelia hispida

Wedelia is a native shrub that can be found growing in the wild throughout central Texas. This hardy native has a daisy-like dark yellow to orange flower that covers the shrub all summer long.  The Wedelia is easy to grow, requires very little water, and is a nectar source for butterflies.

According to the Texas A&M horticulture site, the Wedelia is often referred to as a “Micacle” plant because it is so easy to grow and looks good for a long season. To see more from A&M about the Wedelia, visit: here


Catlins Carpet Bugle

Ajuga reptans 'Catlin's Giant'ajuga

Ajuga is a spreading, cold-hardy groundcover that works well in either full sun or partial sun.

It will spread to form a green mat with blue 8” spike blooms. The foliage is a bronze blue/green color.

Ajuga does well in areas where grass won’t grow. It also works well when planted on hills, under trees or around shrubs.



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