Featured Plants for June

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  Newsletter 23 October 2021  
  June Featured Plants from Mosty Brothers Nursery

With summer upon us many plants, trees, and shrubs are in full bloom! We have been blessed with a decent amount of rainfall and things are growing rapidly. Read ahead to find out what's blooming this month. 


Vitex agnus castus

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Have you noticed the trees covered in beautiful, long spikes of purple blooms growing all over the Hill Country? It's a purple Vitex tree. They are also referred to as the Texas Lilac or Chaste Tree. While the Vitex tree is not a native to Texas, it is categorized as a "Texas Superstar" according to Texas A&M agrilife's highly recommended plants and trees for Texas. The Vitex can be grown as either a small to medium tree or trimmed up and kept as a hedge. 

The Vitex is a heavy bloomer in June and will continue to bloom throughout the summer months. As an added perk, it will also bloom again in the fall, most years. The butterflies love the blooms and the deer tend to leave this plant alone.  

Plant your Vitex in full sun for best results. This is a drought-tolerant plant so once it is established, it requires little care. For more continuous flowering, prune your plant a few times a year.


Crape Myrtles

Lagerstroemia indica

We all look forward to the beautiful summer blooms of crape myrtles.

The Crape Myrtle is an extremely adaptable small to medium size tree that requires very little care. The true beauty of a Crape Myrtle is on display througout the summer months. Most varieites will bloom sporadically all summer long.

At Mosty Brothers Nursery, we have the following colors available: Mosty Red, Natchez White, Dynamite, and Purple.




Texas Betony

Stachys coccineatexasbetonynewsletter

Texas Betony is an evergreen, blooming native Texas plant that is a must-have for every garden. It is a member of the mint family and therefore highly deer resistant. It has a multitude of tubular red flowers that grow on spikes from the base of the plant. And it blooms all summer and fall! Betony is a low-growing plant often used as a groundcover. It prefers partial sun and requires little water. This is truly a plant that looks great year round! 


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