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  Newsletter 23 October 2021  
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Read ahead to find out about our featured plants this month.

Dwarf Palmetto - Sabal minor

dwarfpalmettoThe Sabal minor is a native Texas rugged palm that likes the shade.

The Sabal minor is also called a Dwarf Palmetto or Bush Palmetto as it has foliage that hugs the ground and grows up to 4' tall. The palm matures to approximately 4' tall x 4' wide.

Once established, this is a drought tolerant palm. In addition, it is extremely cold-hardy. A fun fact about the Sabal minor is that it produces an edible fruit that tastes like dates.

Salvia Leucantha - Mexican bush sage

salvialeucanthaLooking for a showy perennial for your spring and summer plant beds? Salvia Leucantha is a top pick.

This perennial can survive our harsh Texas summer heat and has a brilliant purple bloom. A Mexican bush sage can grow to 3' x 3'. It is also known to be one our Texas deer-proof plants. This sage adapts well to many different soils from clay to acidic. 

Be sure to prune your plant several times a year to insure continuous blooming throughout the spring, summer and fall.  




Anacacho Orchid Tree

Blooming Now! anacachoorchid

The Anacacho Orchid is a rare native Texas tree with white blooms that look like orchids.

It needs well-drained soil to survive. The Anacacho Orchid is a small multi-trunked tree that grows up to 10' tall. It can also be placed in a container for your porch. Another benefit of this native is that the deer do not tend to bother it. The Anacacho has a delicate leaf that is shaped like a butterfly. 




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